Знайомство з містом Дніпродзержинськ-Кам’янське на англійській мові для наших польських партнерів

 Знайомство з містом Дніпродзержинськ-Кам’янське на англійській мові підготувала учениця 10-А класу Гуменюк Марія


Dniprodzerzhyns’k is situated on the banks of the Dnieper river and has its origin from the village Kamyanske. In the XVІІІ century zaporozhian kozaks located four winter abodes in this region and called them Romankovo, Karnauhivka, Trituzne and Kamyanske. The village was first mentioned in 1750 and it was connected to the construction of the church of the Nativity of Most Holy Mother of God. In the latter half of the XIX century fast development of Kamyanske started and the first railway appeared here.

French, Belgian and Polish shareholders found Kamyanske as a convenient place to build here a plant of cast- iron foundry. So in 1887 they created the South- Russian Metallurgical Company for the purpose of foundation the metallurgical plant here. And the construction of the Dniprovsky Metallurgical Plant already started in spring 1887. On the 1 of March 1889 the first blast- furnace bagan working and the production of the Plant was honored with Great Gold Medal of The World exhibition in Paris. During the time, the Plant became one of the best metallurgical plants in Ukraine.

The South-Russian Metallurgical Company sent their represantative Ignati Yasjukovich, who became the head of the Dniprovsky Metallurgical Plant. Thanks to him the Plant has achieved a new qualitative level of development. More than that, school, gymnasium, church and Saint Nicholas Cathedral were opened for his money.

When the Dniprovsky Metallurgical Plant started developing new workers and foreign engineers, builders and manufacturers were arriving to Kamyanske, so all these people needed accommodation, food, entertainment and religious life to live in this place. Then construction of new houses and appartaments for workers, streets, squares have started in the village.And in 1894 for money of the Plant and Ignati Yasjukovich Saint Nicholas Church was constructed.

In 1897 Saint Nicholas catholic cathedral was built here. This neogotic cathedral, which can hold about 500 people, impresses by its beauty and architectural details.

In 1889 the engineering club was built, which became the centre of cultural life in Kamyanske. There was a concert hall, where the members of the club could see performances of famous foreign actors.Nowadays the museum of history of the Dniprovsky Metallurgical Plant is situated here.

Yocht club was another kind of entertainment for inhabitants of Kamyanske, where they  have organized rowing competitions.

In 1900 the Public Auditorium was build in the village. It was some kind of a theatre, where amateur collectives have shown their performances. Drama Theatre named after Lesya Ukrainka is situated here today, where every year the international festival is held.

In 1907  in Kamyanske two educational institutions were built, which were called “Girl’s gymnasium”  and “Boy’s gymnasium”. Nowadays we have the first liceum here.

In 1922 the Monument to Prometheus was constructed, it became the emblem of our city. It is the symbol of the victory of workers and peasants over all their oppressors during the World War І. Under Prometheus’ feet there is an eagle. Prometheus holds the flame which he have brought for people. The Monument to Prometheus is the memorial to mass grave of revolutionaries of Kamyanske, whose names are embossed at the lower part of the Monument.

On the 3 of June 1917 the village  Kamyanske got the status of the city

After the World War І the Dniprovsky Metallurgical Plant did not function because of the tightness of money. So at the instance of the citizens Felix Dzerzhinsky, who was the political leader, helped Kamyanske to get some money to continue work of the Plant.That’s why in 1925 the Plant was named after Felix Dzerzhinsky. And on the 1 of February 1936 Kamyanske got another name – Dniprodzerzhyns’k. In 1938  Romankovo and Trituzne villages became the parts of Dniprodzerzhyns’k, but nowadays from the last one only Nicholas Church have stayed.

The World War ІІ also affected Kamyanske. About 18000 people fought at the front and about 11000 of them died on the battlefield. After war remedial work started in the city. Dniprodzerzhyns’k started actively developing, new plants have appeared here.

Sport centre “Dzerzhinka” was constructed, so children of the city have got a possibility to attend sport clubs.

After that the Out-of-school work Centre was built here. Nowadays there are the great number of after-school clubs from singing and dancing to tourist club.

Recently our city has got its historical name and the citizens call their native town Kamyanske.

Today our city is becoming more Europeanized, modern and comfortable.

Not long ago the monument called Calvary was constructed in Kamyanske. People say it is the biggest Calvary in Ukraine.  Sports events, games, cycling days are often held here.

Kamyanske also has its own pink and yellow emblem on which we can see the Monument to Prometheus – the emblem of the city, and three signs which signify three villages Romankovo, Trituzne and Kamyanske from which our native town arised many years ago.



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